Waste logistics

Our lifestyles and consumption patterns lead us to produce more and more waste. In order to limit the use of landfill, some organisations favour recycling this waste to give it a second life.

Waste transport: a logistical and environmental challenge

Cross-border transfers of hazardous and non-hazardous waste are subject to complex and rigorous legislation.

Since 2010 Vatinel has proven its expertise with key players in this sector by ensuring:

  • Knowledge of the various applicable regulations.
    Control of the Basel Conventions, Bamako, application of regulations 1013/2006 and 1418/2007.
  • Support in the production of notification files, in particular via GISTRID.
  • Our privileged links with approved operators, competent authorities and local customs services.

Une gestion documentaire complète

The organisation of this transport requires complete document management. Our teams take care of the documents for notification of cross-border transfers and are in close contact with the competent authorities and the customs authorities of the countries.

This specificity is part of our CSR approach, which we deploy at various levels.