Customs broker

Customs: a matter for specialists!

Our experts, state-certified customs declarants, assist our clients throughout their customs procedures for imports and exports, on all types of goods and customs procedure.

Our mission?
Anticipate, simplify and secure!

Our teams anticipate for our clients any difficulties that may arise during their customs procedure.

Our advisory role is to support you in the choice of your customs nomenclature, tariff classification, regulatory monitoring and tax optimization through knowledge of special regimes.

In 2009, Vatinel obtained the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). This label is a real guarantee of confidence in European customs, it allows us to simplify and secure international trade.

Our services:

Increased knowledge of the regulations in force

The customs procedures are evolving rapidly and are specific to the nature of your goods, our approved professionals can advise and assist you thanks to their perfect knowledge of the regulations in force.

This mission includes:

  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Adaptation to new information systems
  • Participation in national customs commissions
  • Continuous training of customs declarants

BREXIT: Current events also require us to adapt to all developments such as the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Vatinel will accompany you through the new formalities and declarations required by the Brexit.

National centralised clearance (NCC)

National Centralised Clearance (NCC) is a facility that allows customs representatives to complete customs formalities at a single customs office, regardless of the entry points of the goods on the national territory.

Since 2017 we have benefited from centralized national customs clearance with the main customs representation offices (Lille, Dunkirk, Rouen, Marseille, Reims, Calais, etc.).

A real asset for our company and our clients!

Champagnes, liquors, textiles, food: expert specialties

  • A dedicated agency close to the biggest champagne houses to assist them daily with their customs procedures.
  • Procedures expert for the textile industry and in particular the management of licensed products.
  • Assistance in the accomplishment of the various phytosanitary procedures for the import of your food products.